The year 2019 was packed with new achievements from DIDWW, and we can proudly look back on some of our major advancements:

  • Implemented outbound SMS services
  • Enabled roles and multi user accounts for account management
  • Expanded the global coverage for local, national, mobile, toll-free and SMS-enabled numbers in Chile, Colombia, Greece, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, and Italy
  • Enhanced the functionality of the DIDWW API with the addition of a PHP SDK
  • Introduced™ version 2.6 with a redesigned and enriched user interface, updated call logs, improved security for SIP account contact methods, and more
  • Acquired operator licenses in the Czech Republic, Iceland, the Netherlands and Norway
  • Acquired our own global number range
  • Joined the FIX Network project

2019 centered around what is most important to our company - PEOPLE, including our customers, our partners and our employees. Together we grew as a team, achieved goals, started new partnerships, and strengthened old relationships. Today, we are highly energized and motivated to conquer the challenges that 2020 will bring.

Thank you for a great year together!