DIDWW is pleased to announce their participation in FIX Network, an innovative joint venture consisting of five companies that all share the same strong belief and vision of the future, and are dedicated to making our digital lives a safer place.

FIX Network will utilize and leverage the existing cellular infrastructure by defining and implementing a new blockchain-based security protocol. This architecture will enable telecom operators to provide a safe environment to facilitate the digital transformation, ensure the security of our transactions and protect our identities.
To find out more about this compelling project, please read this article.

“We are proud to actively participate in this technological initiative,” commented Edwin Terek, the founder at DIDWW. “The potential of the inter-operator distributed ledger technology has a wide range of use cases, and can assist operators to be more secure and efficient. However, global number portability protocol is an issue that we have been exploring for long time. DIDWW is well positioned to be the first to implement this advancement within our own network of operations, and serve as proof of concept for the industry. We see a future where number portability is a thing of the past, and identity theft is technically impossible. Users must be the true owners of their phone numbers, and have full control of this digital asset. The technology is here, and DIDWW is ready to implement this transformative idea.”

For more information, please visit https://fix.network.