We are excited to share the news about the possibility to use the DIDWW Voice IN and Voice OUT services with the ubiquitous Microsoft Teams platform. The new capability enables Microsoft Teams users to make and receive the highest quality and the most cost-efficient calls via the powerful DIDWW SIP trunking solution.

This latest integration is a demonstration of our strong commitment to expand the functionality of VoIP services in business communications using DIDWW global SIP trunking solutions. Now Microsoft Teams users can add the DIDWW SIP trunking service to their Teams platform via direct routing and instantly benefit from the highest quality communications, uncompromising reliability and competitive pricing.

We invite you to contact us at sales@didww.com to enable your access to this service and start using DIDWW Voice IN and Voice OUT with Microsoft Teams, or visit our online documentation to find out more about MS Teams Direct Routing integration with the DIDWW SIP trunking service.