Automation speeds up processes, which is why as the innovative, forward-thinking and partner-conscious company, DIDWW is constantly striving to increase the functionality of our services. With that in mind, we are excited to share the news about our upcoming new API functionality that will fully automate processes and allow for the complete integration of our set of building blocks into a customers’ service portfolio.

The current API is aimed at telecom operators, enabling them to perform an extensive range of actions, while helping them to automate and further expand their services. Functions such as ordering and setting up phone numbers all around the world, configuring voice capacity limits, creating SIP trunks, retrieving call data records, and other convenient account management features can be performed using the DIDWW API.

Driven by our established priorities to optimize transaction speeds and improve process automation, we are planning to make all the functions of our user panel available through the API. This will provide our API users with all the necessary tools to employ efficient processes and implement automation. Our roadmap for upcoming API enhancements includes an Identities and Addresses feature, phone number portability and related compliant end-user data management, the configuration of two-way SIP trunks, as well as full SMS and emergency service provisioning.

A super-powerful DIDWW API is currently under active development and the first enhancement of the Identities and Addresses functionality is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2021. Early adopters of this tool on the API can contact the DIDWW support team at and will be provided with first-hand access as soon as this new feature is ready in the updated API. Suitable for a wide scope of diverse use cases, the updated API will deliver efficient and fully-customizable performance and high scalability for any business.