We have a fabulous annual tradition of gathering all the members of our international DIDWW team in one location to celebrate our accomplishments that we have achieved with strong determination through cooperative efforts and hard work. This year’s event, marking the tenth anniversary of the company, was held on July 26-28, at Harmony Park, a spectacular leisure and entertainment complex situated in the south of Lithuania.

The festive weekend started with an inauguration ceremony for the company’s newbies. These new employees, from different DIDWW departments, took part in fun competitions, answered tricky questions and gave an oath of commitment to the company and to the well-being of our customers before they were officially accepted as proper DIDWW team members.

With everybody on board, the event forged ahead into the Team Building activities – the DIDWW Summer Challenge. There were 8 teams made up of around 90 people striving to successfully complete 8 different tasks divided into 3 stages. Each and every participant made a significant contribution and did their best when trying to achieve the overall aim. There was such an amazing sense of genuine and strong team spirit in the air!


The most important and prominent part of the DIDWW Summer Event 2019 was an outstanding official dinner with a detailed presentation of the company’s recent highlights, awards for exceptional employees, lively discussions and a super-delicious meal. The festive mood was complemented by a competitive game to exercise our brains, followed by a disco night with an enticing dance craze.


The main idea behind team building is to create and enhance effective working relationships, define roles within teams, align around common goals, learn how to actively collaborate and reinforce company spirit. The DIDWW Summer Event serves as proof that despite the fact that we are all different and live thousands of miles apart, the DIDWW team as a whole is able to cooperate effectively, work hard and share the same common desire to succeed.