Our REST API 3 is frequently updated and enhanced to match the continual advancements in the DIDWW product portfolio. This API is the ideal tool for building custom VoIP-enabled cloud services, mobile apps, dashboards and front and back-end applications, based on DIDWW's core processes and network infrastructure services.

We have specifically designed this REST API as a fully compliant implementation of the JSON API specification version 1.0, so as to provide feature-rich, simple, consistent interfaces for maximum efficiency of network resources.

The latest API 3 enhancements are as follows:

Queries for available stock and filtering - API 3 users may now return a complete list of DIDs within a specific country, region or city. A broad range of optional filters may be applied to define specific search parameters, such as the services required (T.38, voice and SMS) for the numbers to be listed.

Selection and reservation of DID numbers - For many customers, the ability to choose phone numbers from the available inventory is important. A full set of API 3 calls have been added to facilitate the selection and temporary reservation of DID numbers that have been returned on a stock query. Reserved numbers may be selectively purchased and added to the customer's inventory, or those reservations may be cancelled.

POP selection and trunk configuration - When configuring trunks, it is essential that DIDWW customers are able to optimize the network performance and ensure access to premium, low-latency services. API 3 now includes the ability for users to access the list of global DIDWW Mega POPs, and allocate specific POPs to their various trunks as the default traffic routes.

To view the online documentation and user manual for DIDWW API 3, please visit https://doc.didww.com/api.