We are excited to announce the important addition of new functionalities to our API that are in keeping with the ongoing advancements in the DIDWW product and services portfolio. This update delivers an array of new experiences and improvements that will allow you to seamlessly integrate VoIP cloud services, help to further automate business processes, and improve the efficiency of your Voice and SMS communications.

New and improved features now available on the DIDWW API enable you to:

  • Export Voice OUT CDRs – API users may now receive non-realtime outbound call records that can be retrieved without logging into the DIDWW user panel.  
  • Create, edit and delete Voice OUT trunks – By using the DIDWW API, you can seamlessly create and manage outbound SIP trunks and access carrier-grade voice services on our private global network. This functionality also automates the option of blocking outbound trunks in the event of traffic abuse.
  • Manage encryption settings on SIP trunks – To ensure that your communications are private, our systems support TLS as a secure transport for SIP signaling and SRTP as a media encryption mechanism. By enabling secure trunking, any non-encrypted calls will be rejected.
  • Manage STIR/SHAKEN settings on Voice IN trunks – These protocols are designed to reduce fraudulent robocalls and illegal phone number spoofing. Now you can handle the STIR/SHAKEN data within Voice IN trunks via the API.

To learn more about the DIDWW API and its improvements, head over to the online documentation and user manual.