In our ongoing commitment to advancing our solutions and refining products and services, the DIDWW team has outlined the following major goals for 2024. These goals aim to enhance the quality of two-way VoIP communications, strengthening reliability and enriching product features, with an emphasis on extending the global reach of our customers:

  • Continue increasing our global coverage of local, national, mobile, toll-free and SMS-enabled numbers, and expand local termination and emergency services.
  • Launch the next generation of™ with a dedicated app, and integrate this advanced cloud PBX with CRM platforms.
  • Further expand our global portfolio of national telecom operator licenses.
  • Upgrade the DIDWW dashboard and monitoring tools, including enhanced statistics and reporting features.
  • Expand the integration of DIDWW solutions with a range of 3rd party cloud services.
  • Expand the availability of A2P text messaging in new regions.
  • Broaden the coverage of our own DID numbers by acquiring additional ranges in multiple countries.
  • Continue to expand our porting services while maintaining free-of-charge porting.
  • Further extend the functionality of the DIDWW API.

We eagerly anticipate another year of progress and achievement, delivering premium VoIP communication services that contribute to the successful advancement of your business.