Modern businesses are embracing advanced communication technologies like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), leaving behind the outdated Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) systems. Many enterprises utilize VoIP with the support of SIP Trunking, which streamlines both local and international communications over the Internet. This article delves into the concept of local call termination, a critical aspect for businesses looking to expand their global footprint.

Understanding the concept of local call termination

It is a service provided by local telecom operators, encompassing calls to emergency services, short code, and toll-free numbers. Managed by top-level carriers, local call termination provides unmatched reliability and quality. Thus, VoIP services equipped with local dialing can fully replace traditional PSTN setups, offering enhanced scalability and flexibility.

While the telecom industry operates within a heavily regulated environment, businesses need to ensure their VoIP providers guarantee compliance with local regulations. Non-compliance could result in telecom operators blocking local calls delivered by non-local carriers. Therefore, partnering with providers ensuring local termination is crucial.

Local termination goes beyond mere regulatory compliance. It reassures businesses that a Caller ID (CLI) will be displayed to the recipient, thereby increasing call pickup rates. Customers are more likely to answer calls from familiar, local numbers, enhancing the level of trust.

Benefits of local call termination for businesses

Local call termination serves as a powerful tool for organizations aiming to expand their global reach and establish connections with customers, partners, and suppliers across the world. Consider the following advantages of using local call termination for your business communications:

•  Increase your brand presence and credibility

Establishing a local identity in targeted markets becomes possible with local call termination. When potential customers see a familiar area or country code, your business appears more familiar and this often enhances trust and brand recognition, potentially increasing customer loyalty and retention.

•  Expand your market opportunities and growth

International call routes can be costly and unreliable, frequently displaying "unknown" or random caller IDs that deter potential clients from answering. In contrast, local call termination offers a reliable communication channel, especially in emerging markets like Asia, Africa, or Latin America, where VoIP adoption is growing. By leveraging local call termination, businesses can enhance trust and communication success, reaching clients more effectively and confidently.

•  Enhance call security

Using international call routes or termination often means your calls travel through numerous operators before reaching their destination, creating potential security risks. However, local call termination typically involves just your VoIP provider and a local telecom operator in the target country, ensuring a more secure, direct route for your calls.

•  Simplify your contractual processes

Opting for local call termination services from VoIP providers eliminates the need to enter into multiple contracts with various local telecom companies. Businesses can enjoy a fully-fledged in-country phone service across multiple nations under a single agreement. These services often come with benefits that mirror local phone companies, such as top-notch call quality, reliability, and a guaranteed in-country caller ID.

DIDWW local call termination: features at a glance

To delve deeper into this subject, here are the main features that apply to local call termination at DIDWW:

  • Local call termination coverage includes 44 countries, and counting
  • The service allows calling to local short-code, toll-free and special numbers
  • Local caller ID display is guaranteed
  • Highest audio quality is ensured by using an operator’s in-country network
  • Local termination enables full PSTN replacement


In an increasingly globalized economy, VoIP can play a fundamental role in business expansion, especially when it comes to achieving true local calling. Local call termination allows businesses to connect with potential customers in their local language and with a familiar caller ID, making communication feel more personal and effective. Additionally, having a single telecom provider for multiple countries not only simplifies contractual processes but also ensures consistent quality and reliability across all communications.

DIDWW delivers a powerful Inbound and Outbound SIP trunking solution with rock-solid reliability, premium voice quality, and flexible trunk configurations. For more information on our SIP trunking services, please contact us today at or via our live chat at any time.