The overall quality and security of services is something every organization strives to maximize. When it comes to standards, ISO specifications are the most widely recognised on a global scale. Therefore, to demonstrate their commitment to keeping customer information safe and secure, as well as providing the highest quality of services, companies seek to successfully attain ISO certifications. ISO 27001 is especially relevant in the telecom industry, which continuously has to deal with sensitive customer data over voice and SMS communications.

So what are the benefits of ISO certification? Here are the main points that create value for having an ISO-certified telco provider:

Have a trusted partner

Working with an ISO 27001 certified telecom service provider as a partner minimizes your business security risks. Moreover, this certification allows enterprises to provide services to a broader range of customers with high regulatory compliance requirements, such as governmental institutions.

Feel safe and secure

Being one of the world’s most recognized information security frameworks, ISO certification outlines a set of standards for effective data protection. As an example, in the telco industry the scope of ISO 27001 certification may include processes, software development and infrastructure.

Be a part of continual improvements

The ISO standards are constantly evolving. In order to keep up with these advancements, well-established companies must also make changes in their activities and procedures. Such organizations embrace responsibility and commit to continually improve the quality of their services.

The attainment of ISO 27001 certification by SIP service providers is yet further validation for their partners and customers regarding the quality and security of the delivered voice solutions.

DIDWW makes every effort to protect customer information when using our global VoIP communication services. We are proud that our information security standards meet the highest international requirements of ISO 27001.