A virtual phone number, commonly known as a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number, is an important and powerful component of VoIP solutions. A DID is a telephone number that is not tied to a specific phone line and can be assigned to any device such as a hardware desk IP phone, a mobile phone app, or a desktop softphone app. This service has evolved to meet the needs of businesses seeking a versatile solution for communicating with team members and customers all over the world.

So what is a virtual phone number? Let's take a closer look and see what benefits DIDs can bring to a business:

Easily create a local presence in any part of the world. Companies operating globally can provide their customers with a virtual number that is local to a specific region, creating an easier way to connect and increasing customer satisfaction. Local DID numbers make it easy and cost effective to promote sales in multiple countries for businesses that don't actually have a presence in those geographies.

Greatly reduce the monthly phone bill. VoIP will help to considerably cut phone costs for companies with international customers or team members located across the world. When using cloud-based telephony, call charges are often significantly lower compared to traditional telecom operators with PSTN services.

Instantly enhance a professional image with vanity or golden DIDs. A great way to build a strong company brand is to select a phone number that is instantly recognizable. A toll-free number such as 0800 will increase consumer confidence in the company, while toll-free vanity or gold numbers such as 0800-NEW-JEEP or 0800-555-7777 will be easy to remember and promote visibility.

Remain highly flexible and adaptable. DID numbers enable international businesses to never miss a single phone call from customers due to virtually unlimited call capacity. Moreover, calls can be redirected to different locations at different times as required, depending on the availability of staff.

Use a virtual number for the SMS service. With VoIP numbers, you can not only make and receive voice calls, but also use text messaging services. IP-based solutions enable customers to utilize SMS in a number of ways, such as SMS-to-email and SMS-via-HTTP. Apart from simply being able to receive an SMS to an email address, this text messaging service is highly useful for organizations seeking to automate their business processes.

Switch existing phone numbers to VoIP. It is possible to keep current business phone numbers when switching to a virtual service provider. With porting, subscribers can easily opt for an innovative service offering advanced features without any business process interruptions. Some virtual service operators will even port existing phone numbers free of charge.

Businesses of all sizes are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages that VoIP technology and virtual phone numbers can offer. As an innovative and cost-effective communications solution, a DID number service provides much more than just a phone number for your organization.

DIDWW offers the largest fully compliant international coverage of local, national, mobile, toll-free Voice and SMS-enabled virtual phone numbers. Currently, we cover over 80 countries and 4380 area codes worldwide, with services being securely delivered over a private or public network.