Number portability is the process of moving your phone numbers from one telephone network service provider to another. Clearly, businesses prefer to maintain their existing phone numbers when upgrading business communications, so as to ensure that their services continue to run smoothly. This continuity helps to create a positive customer experience while also increasing brand awareness and trust.

Here are 5 steps you can follow to make the transition of your existing telephone number to a new service provider as smooth as possible:

1.   Choose your new service provider that best meets the needs of your organization. Carefully consider their reliability, service and product portfolio, ability to guarantee high-quality calls, available coverage, security measures, etc.

2.   Contact the new service provider and request a port-in for your existing phone numbers.

3.   Submit any required information, such as personal identification, a copy of the last phone service invoice, a Letter of Authorization (LOA), etc.

4.   Ensure that your phone number remains active with the original operator until the new operator confirms that the porting request has been completed.

5.   Upon receiving the good news, make certain that your previous service is canceled and you are no longer charged by the original service provider.

Some telecom operators may charge you a fee to transfer-in your phone number. These fees may range from several tens to even hundreds of dollars, depending on the provider. However, it is worth noting that some operators do not impose any porting-in fees, and will transfer your numbers to their services completely free of charge.

Communications are critical for business performance, and it is therefore important to ensure that your existing telephony services are not interrupted while the porting process is taking place. Look for a reliable service provider who can demonstrate a seamless number porting process and assure that you will never miss important calls.

DIDWW’s carrier-grade platform enables businesses and telecommunication service providers to port-in telephone numbers at no cost and to manage the entire porting process online. Both single and bulk number transfers can be easily maintained via the DIDWW online portal. In addition, we ensure that no live business operations are disrupted throughout the process, resulting in a smooth and efficient transfer of phone numbers to the DIDWW network.