We are pleased to announce the launch of the phone.systems™ API, which enables the provisioning and integration of third-party SIP services into our highly flexible and scalable cloud-based PBX. The phone.systems™ API will allow the creation of full, multi-tenant PBX solutions, expand service offerings, monetize resources and develop valuable customer relationships.

This API has been specifically developed to open up phone.system™ for integration with service providers, MVNOs, resellers, enterprise customers and other telecommunication companies requiring a solid cloud PBX platform on which they are able to build services for delivery to their subscribers, users and customers. This API, together with the underlying phone.systems™ platform, is suitable for an extensive range of diverse use cases, enables automated customer onboarding, and offers high scalability for any business. The phone.systems™ API comes with a dedicated administration dashboard, provides a single sign-on through the customer’s website, and also offers SIM or other external account integration.

The API is developer-friendly, and is supported by both sandbox and production environments. Although both of these development environments are exact copies of each other, they are maintained separately so as not to affect live and critical data. This architecture grants developers complete and unlimited access to extensive testing before deploying their final products in a live environment.


To access the phone.systems™ API documentation, please follow the link here.

If you have any questions regarding the phone.systems™ API, do not hesitate to contact us via sales@didww.com or through our live chat at any time.