DIDWW’s goals for 2020

Our customers are very influential in setting our goals for the new year, as your feedback and requirements are what matter to us the most. Here are our key customer-oriented goals for 2020:

  • Introduce an online address verification and management tool
  • Implement an online emergency service management tool
  • Enable TLS and SRTP security protocols
  • Expand our global coverage of local, national, mobile, toll-free and SMS-enabled numbers
  • Extend our global reach for local termination and emergency services
  • Expand and improve self-service and monitoring tools
  • Continue enhancing and automating operations and customer service activities
  • Integrate the acquired global number range into real-world applications
  • Introduce APIs for phone.systems™ and call.center™
  • Extend the functionality of the call.center™ app with new features such as a company directory, presence and queuing

We are looking forward to meeting the challenges of 2020, and to delivering products and services that continue to improve and grow your business.

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