Traditionally, we think of the phone number as a generic contact method. However, in the new digital age, this asset has taken on another very important role, that of a Digital Identity. In fact, our phone number is our most valuable digital identifier, and will remain the only unique and well standardized international method of identification well into the future. The PSTN, which is wholly based on the use of phone numbers, is the largest social network ever built, and an ever-increasing number of services are adopting this practical method of user identification.

As more of our personal lives, transactions and interactions are moving online, the use of the phone number as a unique identifier will become increasingly important, and the loss of this identifier may have catastrophic personal and financial consequences. For example, moving to another country or any other legitimate service cancelation by the operator can result in the loss of our phone number and consequently access to our social media accounts, such as Twitter or WhatsApp. Even worse, malicious porting or SIM hijacking can result in identity theft if the attacker gains access to our cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. In addition, recent high-profile cases demonstrate the vulnerability and significant financial loss caused by hackers gaining access to financial institution accounts via 2FA text messages received on hijacked phone numbers.

In the near future, the phone number will be treated and secured as any other valuable digital asset. The phone numbers will be fully owned and controlled by the subscriber, with no possibility of the number being maliciously hijacked. Until this happens, DIDWW is taking the first steps towards that future, and will soon announce innovative and secure Digital Identity services. For the first time ever, these services will allow users to truly own their phone numbers and use them as secure Digital Identities, thus benefiting from seamless authentication such as 2FA.

In order to realize this secure Digital Identity idea, we have applied for and have been assigned a range of global phone numbers by the ITU. These numbers, having a prefix of +883 5170, are specifically dedicated to DIDWW, eliminating the vulnerabilities of the current number porting procedures and ensuring end-to-end protection for the subscribers and for the online service providers who use phone numbers for secure authentication.
DIDWW is currently in the process of interconnecting this new global range and establishing partnerships with service providers and developers to enable this secure, worldwide Digital Identity infrastructure. We are looking forward to providing you with regular updates regarding our progress in this exciting and transformative initiative.