Our team is continuously improving and updating the functionality of the online platform, so as to deliver a premium user experience to our customers.

The latest improvements to the self-service DIDWW user portal include:

  • Updated "Capacity" section – The various types of Capacity Pools are now assigned different colors, helping users to distinguish the countries that are allocated to each Capacity Pool. Countries that are specific to the Extended Pool are marked in blue, those countries belonging to the Standard pool are marked in grey, and countries in the Custom Pool are marked in green.


  • Updated "Account Settings" section – The account and company-specific details have been separated into two different tabs, improving the registration and administrative process for our corporate customers.
    Please note that the information entered under the Company details tab will take priority over the Account details. Therefore, the company details will be used in future invoices instead of the information entered under the Account details tab.


Should you have any further questions about these User Panel updates, please do not hesitate to contact our team at customer.care@didww.com.