Capacity management is critical for our customers, and we go to great lengths to help users optimize call capacity and achieve cost effectiveness in channel usage. Therefore, we are constantly innovating and adding features to make the configuration of capacity services as simple and flexible as possible, and to also streamline the billing processes for those services.

The latest version of our DIDWW User Panel includes the following advancements:

  • This self-service portal has been extended to incorporate an extensive selection of countries that may be included in Channel Pools and Capacity Groups. Previously, only a limited number of countries were available for self-service capacity configuration.

  • The logic for purchasing and management of channels has been simplified, and there is now no distinction between Shared and Dedicated channels. Instead, any purchased channel may be dynamically designated as Shared or Dedicated, depending on how that channel is used.

  • The customer will have the ability to cancel unassigned channels at any time.

  • All channels in a user account will share a single, common billing date. Prorated billing will be applied to any channels purchased or cancelled during the billing cycle.

In addition to the User Panel self-service upgrades, the DIDWW REST API 3 now includes full capacity management capabilities. This powerful API is a critical component for our customers who wish to integrate their business process with DIDWW's services, and the inclusion of capacity management will add significant application options and programming flexibility for the VoIP community.
To find out more about capacity management through API 3, please visit the online documentation and user manual at