Every year, all of the members of our international DIDWW team gather in one place to celebrate the challenges we have overcome and the significant goals that we have reached together. This year, the event took place on 27-29th July in the largest resort city in the Baltics, Jurmala. Many miles of travel were covered on planes, busses and cars to bring the team together.

The weekend started with the inauguration of the newest additions to our DIDWW team. It is not always easy to overcome the mental, social, technical and creative challenges of a new job, but these people have already proven themselves in the workplace and are worthy of losing their ‘newbie’ titles.

The event then moved on to our key team building activity, the DIDWW Summer Challenge - Next Generation. With 90 people divided into 8 teams, it was an immensely entertaining, strenuous and fun-filled challenge that included 8 different tasks in 3 stages. All team members revealed their unique personalities and skill sets, but they managed to combine into effective and powerful units in order to reach a common goal.




The DIDWW Summer Event concluded with our “cherry on the top” official dinner, which included a presentation reviewing recent company highlights, as well as a lively and stimulating discussion sharing future insights and product roadmaps. This was followed by an exquisite dinner, endless conversation and dancing late into the night.



This unforgettable experience helped us to build trust and respect, taught conflict resolution and responsibility, improved inter-cultural communication and sharpened our collaboration skills. It has proven that each and every member of our team plays an integral part in realizing the greater vision of the company.

As a global company with departments in a number of countries, the success of DIDWW should not be affected by the fact that we are often thousands of miles away from one another. What matters is that we all believe in what we do, and that we put our greatest efforts together in achieving our common goal as a united and highly motivated TEAM.