For many customers, the ability to select specific phone numbers is important. Whether these customers are seeking unique alphanumeric combinations or simply a sequence of numbers, they believe that a phone number is more than just a contact method - it is a marketing and visibility tool that provides competitive advantages.

Due to customer requests, we are pleased to announce that users of DIDWW may now select their DIDs from our extensive inventory of numbers via our User Panel as fully self-service process.

The online procedure for selecting DIDs is simple and intuitive. Numbers are purchased as per the current procedures, with users defining the country, city name/prefix, number types and quantity of numbers required. To use this new feature, we have added an additional option next to the checkout button, and now users may display a full list of the in-stock DIDs and select their desired phone numbers.


Customers are also able to search for a number sequence in order to locate specific DIDs within the list of available numbers, and selected numbers are reserved by the customer prior to checkout. These selected DIDs may be added to the same shopping cart that contains other purchased services such as channels, and users are able to view their chosen DIDs in the shopping cart prior to checkout.

This DID number selection service is also available through the DIDWW REST API.