DIDWW adds Local Termination and Emergency Dialing in Panama (+507)

In keeping with our commitment to continuously expand the DIDWW service portfolio, we are pleased to announce the availability of DIDWW local outbound SIP trunking and emergency dialing in Panama (+507).

With our local termination services now supported in 37 countries, customers can have access to the traditional telephony network, including calls to local, mobile, toll-free, short and emergency numbers. Appropriate local CLI transfers and guaranteed connectivity to Public Safety Answering Points are provided with all emergency services at DIDWW.

To enable outbound SIP trunking and emergency dialing services on your account, please contact your account manager or the DIDWW sales team at sales@didww.com. We look forward to assisting with your global business communication needs, including other virtual numbers and services in Panama.

If you have any questions, please contact us at customer.care@didww.com or via live chat at any time.

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